Neighborhood Etiquette

March 23, 2022
Ella M
Ella M

It doesn’t take much for your new neighbors to form a first impression after you move in to your new home, so be sure it’s a good one!

The relationship you build can make or break an evening on the back porch or a stroll through the neighborhood. After all, these are the people you’ll be sharing the community with and you want to ensure a positive experience for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts so that your first run in will keep everyone pleasantly surprised.

Be Open

Throw a house-warming party! When you finally feel that the house has come together for a first gathering, invite a couple neighbors over for a few minutes one evening to show them around, or even get some advice about the area. They won’t know when you’re ready for introductions, make it easy on both parties and show a friendly face first.

Move your Lawn 

Everyone knows the least liked guy in the cul-de-sac is the one with the overgrown patchy yard. Keep your plot clean and pristine. 

Animal Attentiveness  

If you have brought along a furry friend, make sure to pick up after them and keep the noise down. Not all neighbors are pet-lovers, but by cleaning any messes they make and respecting boundaries, you can happily coexist. If they have a pet as well, let your pets get to know each other so they aren’t barking at each other all night. 

Call/Knock - Don’t Text

 If something is bothering you, be upfront, honest, and calm when voicing your concerns. It changes the whole dynamic to call, or talk in person so you know they will be able to hear the tone of the message you want to convey. 

Respect is Crucial

It’s the golden rule! If you are hosting an event that will call for a bit of bass, let them know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. Or even better, invite them. Also, don’t forget to keep your lawn clean and cut, quiet the dogs when they’re barking in the backyard, and don’t let your lawn chairs blow into their yard! 

Don’t Ask for Too Many Favors

While you want to feel comfortable lending a hand or asking for one, be mindful of how many favors you’ve requested. Finding a happy medium for helping each other out is key for a healthy neighborhood relationship!

Avoid Dropping By Unexpectedly

Although that first drop-in will probably be unexpected, make a point to get their contact info so it doesn’t become repeated! Visiting your neighbors is a great way to get closer and feel more a part of the community, but everyone enjoys the privacy that home brings them. Call them first to see if it’s a good time; they’ll likely return the favor.