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Looking to work for a nationally recognized moving company? Imlach Group offers opportunities for starting bonuses, referral bonuses, and above average pay percentages.
Our Stats

Numbers Are Everything In Moving

We care about our drivers and that's why we ensure our drivers make the most out of their partnership.

24 hour

Turnaround times for payment after paperwork for completed job is submitted.


Of shipments are self-pack/self-load/self-haul. Drivers make revenue from packing, shuttles, extra labor, etc.


Of our thousands of shipments each year are National Account moves - meaning that our drivers never have slow times during the year.

The Advantages of Driving For Imlach

Save money and grow revenue by driving for Imlach Group.

Bonus Opportunities For New Drivers

Imlach Group offers a range of bonus opportunities for its dedicated team of drivers. From starting cost bonuses, to referral bonuses, to safe driving bonuses - Imlach Group is committed to rewarding its driving team for their continued excellence. To learn about how you can get rewards for your contributions to our team, contact us today!

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Perks of Driving
For Imlach Group

Hate paying full price at the pump? Hate having to cover the full cost of hotels for yourself or helpers? Don't like paying full cost for your packing materials? Imlach Group offers discounts to its drivers on all of these common expenses. Want to take full advantage of the perks that Imlach Group offers? Get in touch today!

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Vehicle Financing
For New Drivers

Financing tractors is usually a lengthy and difficult process. That's why Imlach Group offers opportunities for vehicle financing after 1 year of driving with us. If you want to learn how you can finance your new vehicle with Imlach Group - get in touch today!

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An All-In-One Corporate Relocation Solution.

At Imlach Group, we center our service plan around your company's needs and requirements.
pro mover logo

Top Rated Mover

We are a certified pro-mover by the ATA and are dedicated to quality and customer experience.

Van Line Affiliation

We are affiliated with Atlas Van Lines and are the second longest tenured agent in the system at 72 years.
milt hill award logo

Largest Hauling Office

Imlach Group is the single largest hauling office within Atlas Van Lines system of agencies.

Drive With Us.

At Imlach Group, we recognize that our drivers are the face of our company. Without their hard work, help, and dedication, we could not deliver on our promises to both our customers and our clients. Whether commercial or household goods service delivery, our drivers help us move our company forward, and it’s our mission to do the same for them.

We Care About Our Drivers.

Drivers are our most important customers, and we prove that by providing equipment upgrades, driver incentives, personalized dispatch and great earnings opportunities. We pay our van operators above industry average percentages for revenue on both packing and hauling. Likewise, we operate across the 48 continental states, which means being able to get you loaded quicker and settled faster.

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