How AI technology will change your move

May 25, 2022
Ella Martin
Ella Martin

While technology has certainly changed the productivity of a myriad of goods and services, one extremely beneficial development in the moving industry has taken place with the adaptation of AI technology. This has totally rearranged the moving process and time, making it much easier for customers to initiate and manage a move. At Imlach, our partners from Yembo make the process a breeze for our team, and most importantly you. Using their technology, our moving representatives are able to give you an extremely precise estimate so you can budget accordingly. 

Technology has streamlined the moving process in recent years and has given customers a host of new ways to initiate and manage a local or long-distance move all from the palm of their hand. From obtaining a moving estimate to meeting the moving crew, technology is making moving easier.

Additionally, you can meet your moving crew online. In the past, you would have to wait until the day of your move to meet your movers and go over the details of the move. But now, many moving companies offer online tools that allow you to meet your moving representative virtually. This makes it much easier to coordinate with your movers and ensure that everyone is on the same page. It also means that you can resolve any issues or concerns before the big day.

To clarify how AI changes the game, writes,  “The efficiency of virtual surveys for moving increases exponentially when integrated with AI. Yembo is the moving industry artificial intelligence leader, and has created a user-friendly virtual survey platform. AI directs the customer to conduct a virtual survey on their own utilizing a mobile device. The software identifies furniture and packing needs, and calculates a cube sheet inventory for the sales representative’s review. The sales representative can then further utilize AI to expedite pricing the move. AI decreases the total survey and quoting time from over an hour to a few minutes.”

Fortunately, technology has also made it possible to track and manage your move using your mobile device. There are now many apps available that allow you to keep track of all aspects of your move, from scheduling and budgeting to tracking the progress of your belongings as they are being loaded onto the moving truck. This provides peace of mind and makes it easy to stay organized throughout the entire moving process!