Everything You Need to Know About Move-In Inspections

March 25, 2022
Ella Martin
Ella Martin
Similar to unpacking the fragile boxes and setting up the new wifi system, home inspections are something most renters drag their feet doing. You’ve done all the work already, right? Packed everything. Hired movers. Signed the lease. The last thing on your mind is walking through your new home looking for damage the previous renters caused. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Doing a thorough inspection saves you big time. Not only will you get the entirety of your deposit back once you move out, but you won’t be held accountable for damage you didn’t do. An inspection gives you peace of mind and ensures the return of your security deposit. So, you may be asking, what exactly do I need to look for while doing a home inspection? Here are our two biggest tips:

- Invite your landlord to do the home inspection with you. The more transparency the better.

-Download the convenient and free app called RentCheck. It’s a step-by-step, front to back  inspection tool that includes every detail of your living space. 

As for what you should be looking out for, start with simple damages. Broken blinds, missing doorknobs, or cracks in the ceiling are all things to note. If something is super damaged and a major nuisance, you’ll also have the opportunity to put in a work order and get those things fixed before you get settled in. The great thing about the RentCheck app is that it leaves no spaces uncovered. You’ll be sure to check every area that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of before. 

Check your appliances. Run your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, air conditioning, heat and check all your outlets! If anything is not working as it should, don’t feel hesitant to tell your landlord. It’s their responsibility to fix those things and if you wait a bit longer, you may find yourself in a situation where you are fronting costs for appliances you didn’t break. 

Lastly, it’s very important to check all areas of the house that could affect your health and the health of your loved ones. Check vents and walls for mold, and be sure carpets are clean and sanitized. Look for leaks under sinks, cigarette smoke residue, and piles of dust on ceiling fans. 

Here’s a list of safety related, crucial things to check:

-Locks on windows and doors

-Mold in walls/vents

-Documentation on what chemicals were used in the construction of the house, you could be dealing with:

  1. Asbestos 
  2. Lead paint

-Leaks in sinks, bathtubs, outside faucet 

-Cigarette smoke residue 

-Smoke alarm 

-Carbon monoxide detector 

-Water cleanliness 

We hope we’ve given you a head start on preparing for your inspection! It’s one of the last steps before settling into your new home, and when you’re done, you will feel so much more at peace and ready to settle into a well-inspected home! Remember to keep open communication with your landlord about any issues you may have, and be honest about any you may have caused. When both parties have a clear understanding of what conditions your home is in, the renting experience will be a thousand times more pleasant and comfortable!