Employee Spotlight: Kevin Ashley

April 26, 2023
Ella Martin
Ella Martin

We are excited to shine a spotlight on Kevin Ashley, one of the longest-standing members of our team here at Imlach Group. Kevin has been with us since our company's first opening, and we are thrilled to highlight his contributions and achievements in this employee spotlight.

Kevin is a CDL driver and quality control expert, bringing his exceptional skills, knowledge, and experience to his role every day. His dedication to quality assurance has been a key factor in our success, ensuring that our customers always receive the highest level of service and satisfaction. He takes great pride in his work and is committed to continuous improvement, both for himself and for our team as a whole.

One of the things Kevin enjoys most about being a part of Imlach Group is the sense of community and family that exists within our company. He loves attending our company cookouts and social events. Additionally, Kevin takes great pleasure in teaching the next generation of employees, passing on his knowledge and expertise to help them grow and thrive in their roles.

Before joining our team, Kevin worked for Ace 13, where he honed his skills and developed his passion for the industry. Since then, he has been an integral part of our team, consistently exceeding expectations and contributing to our continued success.

Outside of work, he is an active member of his church. He also enjoys cooking, experimenting with new recipes, and spending quality time with his family.

We are grateful for Kevin's contributions to our team and proud to have him as a part of the Imlach Group family. His expertise, passion, and dedication have been invaluable to our company, and we appreciate all that he does to ensure our success. Thank you, Kevin, for your hard work and commitment, and we look forward to seeing all that you accomplish in the years to come.