7 Pointers for Winter Home Sales

February 6, 2023
Ella Martin
Ella Martin

There are ways to sell a house throughout the colder months of the year, albeit it may be more difficult to persuade potential buyers to brave the snow for an open house in January.

One reason is that your well-staged property could stand out even more in a less competitive market during the winter when there are fewer listings for sale. Here are some suggestions to help you highlight the season and make your property more desirable to potential winter purchasers. As always, be sure to speak with your real estate agent on the best approach to selling your home.

1. Keep in Mind Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is harder to achieve in the winter than it is in the spring or summer when lush grass and vibrant flowers do the work. Maintain cleared pathways and walkways if you live somewhere where it snows. Clean your gutters if you live in a rainy area. Keep pruning your bushes and trees. Make the front entrance more welcoming by adding a seasonal wreath and a new welcome mat.

2. Keep Holiday Decorations Basic

Don't be scared to elegantly adorn your home for the holidays. The beauty of the holiday season may be enhanced by a lovely Christmas tree and little lights or garland placed throughout the home, which will appeal to potential buyers. Don't go overboard, though. You want potential purchasers to see the house's qualities rather than just your festive spirit. If you're unsure, see a specialist.

3. Ensure that the Home is Well Illuminated

It's crucial to constantly leave the curtains and shutters open to let in natural light. This is particularly accurate in the winter. Even during the day, wash your windows and switch on the lights in your home. You never know who could be visiting your home. You want the rooms to be as bright as possible on a cloudy day.

4. Be Cautious While Using Smells

Positive outcomes can be obtained by appealing to the sense of scent. The smells of cinnamon, chocolate chip cookies, or apple pie may draw in purchasers and create a favorable memory of your property. Do not overdo it, once again. A mildly scented candle is OK, but avoid overpowering odors that some people may find offensive.

5. Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Fireplaces are popular among home purchasers. To give your chimney and fireplace a thorough cleaning, hire a chimney sweep. Have a cozy fire going when real estate brokers bring customers around, or put a candelabra or group of candles in the fireplace.

6. Keep it Warm and Cozy

Hire an HVAC professional to tune up your heating system first; this will also be an opportunity to check that it is in good functioning condition. When potential buyers and real estate agents visit the property throughout the day to see it, keep the temperature at a reasonable level. You don't want potential buyers to be too chilly to browse your home at their leisure.

7. Make the Home Winter-ready

Winter is a time when we prioritize warmth, community, and family. Warmth staging the home may make a big difference. Decorate your living areas with several throw pillows made of plush, thick materials. To make the space look more cozier, scatter some throw blankets in matching colors on the sofa and chairs.