6 Real Estate Photography Tips to Stand Out in the Crowd

December 29, 2022
Ella M
Ella M

High-quality pictures are a guaranteed method to grab potential buyers' attention on an internet real estate listing, which is your home's first audition for them. Although you may be an adept at taking selfies while on vacation or taking pictures at family gatherings, your property will need professional-quality pictures in order to sell quickly. Here are some pointers on taking real estate photos to draw in more purchasers.

1. Take high-quality pictures

Selfies and candid pictures with family and friends may be taken using a smartphone. However, when it comes to setting up a photo shoot of your home, pick a digital camera that can take pictures with a higher resolution—more pixels per inch is photographer jargon for clearer shots. Even better, have the photographs taken and edited by a seasoned real estate photographer. You can probably get suggestions from an experienced real estate agent, and they might even employ one for the listing if you're working with them.

2. Draw focus with curb appeal

Most internet real estate listings open with a picture of the home's exterior. In fact, buyers could suspect there's something to conceal if your listing doesn't prominently include a wide image of your home's exteriors.

The first step in getting your property ready for the spotlight is to improve the curb appeal. Remove leaves, clean the walkway, shovel snow, or perform any other seasonally appropriate job. Remove any things that have piled on the front porch, such as shoes or umbrellas. Make sure the window coverings are even and straight. Keep in mind that an eye-catching exterior will draw visitors to your home's photo gallery, increasing the likelihood that they will become purchasers.

3. Organize and declutter your home

Prepare your home for a picture shoot by cleaning off counters and other surfaces to get an early start on packing. Although buyers are aware that you use your kitchen, they do not need to see dirty dishes piling up in the sink or coffee mugs air drying on the counter.

The bathroom should follow the same procedure; potential purchasers looking at internet postings don't want to see shampoo bottles obstructing their view of your lovely tile shower. While you're at it, put away all traces of daily life, lower the toilet seat, and cover the toilet brush.

4. Make use of natural lighting

Regarding photography, lighting is quite important. However, the sun may act as your lighting designer if you don't know your loop lighting from your butterfly lighting. Remember that for the best lighting, you'll need to plan your picture session during the proper time of day.

Twilight, just before sunrise or just after sunset, is the finest time of day to shoot exterior real estate shots, according real estate photography business HomeJab. This time of day not only makes your house look perfect—not too light, nor too dark—but it can also help you sell it more quickly. HomeJab found that images of real estate listings that were taken after dusk as opposed to during the daytime received three times as many clicks.

Close the curtains and leave the windows open to bring in as much natural light as possible while taking interior photographs. Replace burned-out bulbs in fixtures and use warm-tone bulbs instead, which are often preferable for workplace lighting.

5. Establish a vast photo gallery

Real estate listing photographs don't follow the maxim "less is more." In actuality, the adage "the more, the merrier" is more fitting. The only way to attract potential buyers is through photographs because they want to fall in love with a house before they ever set foot inside.

If the walk-in shower isn't truly that amazing, you don't need to add five distinct pictures of it, but you should have several pictures of each room to showcase the layout. Although it could be tempting to pass over spaces or rooms that haven't been changed as much as other portions of the property, you should still include that picture. Buyers may anticipate the worst if your listing states there are two bathrooms but only one appears in the photo gallery. Showing the good, terrible, and ugly is preferable, naturally with a stronger emphasis on the positive.

6. Include video clips

Want to really catch the eye of potential homebuyers? To create a virtual home tour for your listing, hire a videographer. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a 360-degree tour may illustrate possible uses for your area.

Drone cameras may be used by real estate videographers to get a wide-angle perspective of your yard and the neighborhood. Giving prospective buyers a look at the area is essential to pique their interest because location is a crucial factor in property purchases.