5 Common Myths About Professional Relocation 

October 2, 2022
Ella Martin
Ella Martin

1. All moving companies are all the same

One of the most common myths about relocation specialists is that they all have the same methods, equipment, and overall quality performance. This couldn't be further from the truth! In the moving industry, variations in price, time frame, professionalism, and customer service are exceedingly apparent. People often believe that going with the cheapest option is always the safest, but the danger is that you may spend more money replacing damaged or lost items than you do on the actual moving service. When researching the best moving option for you, verify that they're licensed, insured, and have a valid DOT number. You can ensure a company has a valid DOT number and insurance by searching this database provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

2. Items will go missing or get damaged

Speaking of missing or damaged items, there is another common misconception: that all movers will misplace or break your belongings. While accidents can happen during any moving process, professional movers have experience packing and unpacking items to minimize damage. At Imlach Group, our movers have been professionally trained and received years of moving experience. They are the most qualified in the industry – which is why we have such a high customer satisfaction rate. If loss or damage of items is a concern, enquire about your coverage options with the moving company and home insurance.

3. Moving day will be stressful 

We've got a shocking truth for you – moving day absolutely does not have to be stressful. In fact, we believe we can even make it enjoyable. Relocating means a new beginning, and we believe our customers deserve the peace of mind to tackle this newness without the added burden of a stressful moving experience. With a professional company, you can sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. Our m

overs are fully equipped with the means to make your move as easy as possible. 

4. It's cheaper to move yourself

People believe that moving without professional movers' help can save you a few dollars. However, if you take your time and the equipment & materials needed into consideration, you can spend even more than you would by hiring a professional mover. 

5. Weekends are the best time to move

Trust us, everyone thinks the weekends are the best times to move. Pick a middle-of-the-week day for relocating, and your movers will thank you. Fridays and weekends are considered the best time to move because you have all the time to unpack and organize your new home. However, everybody else is thinking exactly like you, and since all movers will be busy, you may be their 3rd or 4th move of the day. This means your movers are more likely to be tired and have a hard time completing your move in the same manner as they would if it was their first move of the day. To avoid paying more than you should, book your professional movers for an off-peak time, preferably on a weekday morning or afternoon. And don't forget, it helps to reserve your moving company far in advance to avoid booked calendars.