4 Tips to Safely Move Your Important Documents

November 25, 2022
Ella Martin
Ella Martin

Every pot, pan, toy, blanket, and pair of shoes have been packed. Everything is safely packed in boxes with labels and prepared for the movers to deliver to your new house. But what about your archive of significant papers? You haven't given any attention to the variety of birth certificates, bank statements, social security cards, and passports that will also need to be transferred.

Before anything else, don't put them in a box. Whether you are relocating across the nation or just across town, you must take proactive measures to keep them secure. The following advice can help you move with your crucial documents.

1. Begin by creating copies

Making electronic copies of your documents is a crucial initial step, particularly if you're getting ready for a protracted transfer. You may utilize the scanner feature on your home printer if it has one. Otherwise, self-scan alternatives are available at most office supply stores and even libraries. Simply taking images with your phone, saving them to your device or uploading them to the cloud, is another option.

2. Carefully pack

Purchase a portable file box with a lid that is affixed and a secure latch that provides room for various folders. Then group your papers into several folders, if you choose, using a color-coded scheme. To ensure easy access to the information you need, carefully label each folder.

The file box should be properly labelled to state that it should not be transported with the rest of the household things, and that's all. Important papers should never be packed with other home things during a relocation; they should always be kept separate.

3. Select the Proper Storage

You must be aware of where your documents are kept after being electronically saved, properly filed, and sealed in a box. Avoid storing them in places with high or low humidity levels or in locations with severe temperatures. Avoid areas like basements or extremely hot automobiles since papers there are frequently thin and occasionally outdated.

4. Keep them in your line of sight

It shouldn't be too tough to maintain the file box nearby if you move a few blocks over. However, if you're moving across the nation, you must be sure to keep an eye on them at all times. Use a car to transport the documents, bring them inside during any overnight stays, and conceal the box with a blanket or in the trunk rather than leaving it out in the open.