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Moving is expensive and can often cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Imlach Group is proud to partner with some of the largest banks in the world to bring 0% to low-interest financing options to its customers.
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Wondering how big the difference is between paying upfront and financing your move? Try using our move financing calculator to see how much money you can keep in your pocket today!
Why Financing?

Splitting payments is easier than paying a lump sum.

We not only care about our customers goods, but also about their financial well-being.

Pre-approval in 90 Seconds

Get Pre-approved in 90 seconds or less for a 0% or low-interest loan.

18 - 120 Months

Get loan terms as low as 18 months, or stretch it out up to or past 10 years.

No Penalties

Most loan providers penalize you for pre-payment. Ours are happy to have you pay off your loan early!

The Advantages of Financing With Imlach Group

Protect against rocketing inflation and save money during the recession with flexible financing options geared toward keeping you liquid and with more cash in your pocket.

Low Rates

Imlach Group's partners are determined to provide you with the absolute best rates on the market. Don't worry about losing liquidity or spending a small fortune on your move up-front. Our partners are here to help you keep your hard-earned cash in your pockets.

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Move Today, Pay Later

Hate paying full price up-front? By financing your move you can pay monthly while still getting the move you deserve today. Why settle for cheap movers who may break your belongings when you can have professionals handle your life's possessions.

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No Pre-payment Penalties

Financing often includes penalties for paying your loan off early. When you finance your move with our partners you don't have to worry about that! They encourage you to pay it off early - saving you money!

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Top Rated Mover

We are a certified pro-mover by the ATA and are dedicated to quality and customer experience.

Van Line Affiliation

We are affiliated with Atlas Van Lines and are the second longest tenured agent in the system at 72 years.

Largest Hauling Office

Imlach Group is the single largest hauling office within Atlas Van Lines system of agencies.
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Move With Us

At Imlach Group, we recognize that our customers can't always afford industry prices. That is why we brought financing to the table. Our customers deserve the best possible moving experience - but that doesn't mean it should break the bank.

Use a Winning Team.

Why move with Imlach Group? Simply put...because we care about our customer. We believe every customer deserves a professional moving experience and that they shouldn't have to settle for anything less than the absolute best. Our financing options make professional moving more accessible to everyday working-class individuals.
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